Founder Silvia Acien at London Fashion Week 2023 pictured in front of 3, TABERNAS and Look 4, ABANICOS from REGENERATIVE FOLKLORE


Silvia Acién, the founder of ACIEN, is a Regenerative Knitwear Designer who embodies the essence of regenerative luxury fashion. A graduate of Central Saint Martins' BA Knitwear course in 2023, Silvia draws inspiration from her upbringing in the rural landscapes of Spain, where her connection to her parents' greenhouse instilled in her a deep reverence for nature. This foundational influence has profoundly shaped her worldview and serves as the driving force behind ACIEN's commitment to regeneration. Silvia's ethos is intricately intertwined with her unwavering respect for nature, a principle intricately woven into every crafted garment bearing the ACIEN name.

Acién won the Maison/0 x LVMH Green Trial Award and the Frameworks Knitters Award and showed her work at London Fashion Week, The Future Fabric Expo, Dutch Design Week and Tate Modern. Silvia was featured in magazines such as VOGUE, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, El País, Talking Textiles, Office, Rebel, Sunday Girl, Experimenta, FGUK, Sicky, Malvie, Hunter, Sleek and Aether. She also took part in several Fundraising catwalks and won the Central Saint Martins Nike project.