We are delighted to present to you our latest venture, the ACIEN x WOVENBEYOND Capsule Collection, where innovation meets tradition in a harmonious blend of style and regeneration.

The recent showcase of our collection at the esteemed venue, The Conduit London in Covent Garden, has left us brimming with excitement and gratitude.

Our capsule collection is a testament to our commitment to ethical fashion and environmental consciousness. In collaboration with WOVENBEYOND, we have curated a selection of pieces crafted from regenerative materials, notably French merino D’arles wool and Himalayan nettle. These materials not only embody exquisite quality but also stand as symbols of our dedication to sourcing responsibly and promoting traceability throughout our supply chain.

Each garment in our collection represents a fusion of modern innovation and timeless craftsmanship. From luxurious textures to sophisticated silhouettes, every piece tells a story of responsability and style, reflecting our ethos of fashion with purpose.

Green knitted vest from the REVIVAL capsule collection by ACIEN x WOVEN BEYOND, crafted from French Merino D’Arles wool and Himalayan nettle. Features ACIEN's signature freckle knit texture, a turtle neck and chunky rib with two pink stripes, and open sides with self ties.


For over a decade, Gloria Mazzer has worked for global fashion brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Diane von Furstenberg. Becoming increasingly frustrated by the apparent wastage of the fashion industry, lack of transparency in the long supply chains and a reliance of synthetic materials, she decided to dedicate herself to solving some of these challenges within the industry. ​

Gloria: “I’m so grateful that Silvia and I discovered each other. Working together has been a seamless and fulfilling process because our values and vision of the future of the fashion industry match perfectly. With this collection we demonstrate that regenerative fashion is possible and we are so excited for the opportunities that are ahead of us! My mission is to provide the fashion industry with a wider range of natural yarns, to design innovative blends of fibres that are grown regeneratively, to bridge the existing gap between fashion designers and farming and to make sure that wealth is redistributed across the supply chain. I think that fashion can be a catalyst for positive change when it commits to regenerative business models and when it learns from nature.”