We are thrilled to share with you an unforgettable experience at LVMH's LIFE 360 Summit held at UNESCO, where we had the privilege of showcasing LA ZARZAMORA from 'REGENERATIVE FOLKLORE', alongside Maison/0.

The event was a momentous occasion, where LVMH unveiled the initial successes of its environmental strategy through a comprehensive action plan. It was an honor to be part of this significant day, witnessing the impactful strides taken towards sustainability within the fashion industry.

Among the remarkable achievements highlighted during the summit were an impressive 11% reduction in CO2 emissions, a substantial 30% decrease in water consumption, and an outstanding 95% traceability of raw materials. These accomplishments underscored LVMH's dedication to environmental stewardship and demonstrated the tangible progress being made towards a more sustainable future.

As participants in this groundbreaking event, we are inspired by the collective efforts of industry leaders to address the pressing challenges of climate change and sustainability. It reaffirms our commitment to integrating sustainable practices into ACIEN and contributing to positive change within the fashion community.

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